1. I miss Korean cosmetics stores!

  2. Korean makeup is so cute and also amazing quality! (Tony Moly tinted lipbalms)

  3. Me with this Etude House guy. I presume he is some k-pop star? The “I love you” is about my love for Etude House ^_^

  4. I had an adzuki and matcha ice cream crepe at a small cafe in Osaka. They provided cat photobooks to peruse while you eat, so pretty!

  5. I didn’t know that dogs could fly (USJ, Osaka)

  7. Some of my favourite pictures from Dublin, Ireland


  8. Halloween coloured iced tea at Harajuku’s Q-Pot Cafe

  9. Favourite things: Halloween and Funa-chan ^_^

  10. I always love this type of photo, with the city visible behind a serene temple. (Seoul)